No money please. Just spread the concept however you see fit.

As a bare minimum, ask any political candidate who wishes for you to vote for them to become friendly. You may like to post their response on the facebook page

If you have the time and the means to promote the concept them please do so. Let us know what you are up to for fun, but this is an open public movement.

Some Ideas

Take a photo of yourself holding a card with 'I'm a SMART voter' perhaps add your name and little bio so we can put it on the website.

Produce viral media. For example; create amusing crony politician images or videos and refer to this site or a copy of the contract.

Right click the images on the right and save them locally. Post them everywhere appropriate.

Add 'Be a' as an annotation at the start and or end of your personal social media or e-mail signature.

Start a local Facebook group inviting people to propose themselves as your areas next political candidate, compare those willing to sign up to, hold a group vote and then, as a group support the winner in the genuine electoral campaign.

It would be great if you could print the last page of Full Contract and Example pdf, laminate it, cut out the squares, stick one on your door and give the others to neighbours.

There is only one person you should expect to return our democracy to one for the people by the people. You.