Political candidate SMART-voter.org contract

I will clearly list my commited SMART promises as described in the 'SMART-voter.org' terms current at the time my list was made.

I will stand down for a by-election before actively breaking those promises, or if a promise breaks.

I accept that should I act contrary to those promises without re-election then that is a breach of trust against those who were eligible to vote for me.

Name of candidate.



Note to voters. You do not get candidates to sign this on your doorstep. Candidates do it all on their own and publicise it. Your job is to tell candidate to become SMART-voter friendly if they want you to listen to them. Direct them to this site.

If you want to get active then your next job would be to publicise locally how they responded, if they responded, write a an example policy they should be able to commit to, or even become the candidate who will commit to their popular policies, because their own candidate won't.

pdf with terms and an example .